Who is Shudu?

Who is Shudu?

Introducing the world’s first digital supermodel: Shudu.

Bringing together the worlds of fashion and technology, Shudu is the brainchild of British fashion photographer and visual artist, Cameron James-Wilson.

After over a decade of experience in the industry, he began seeking inspiration in a new medium, and experimenting in 3D modelling and CGI.

After sharing his designs on social media, a fashion designer friend, Tokyo James, posted one of Wilson’s drawings of Shudu on Instagram, and it blew up.

Step forward his creation, Shudu.

Playing a huge part in the ellesse SS19 campaign, alongside her body muse, Misty, Shudu has ‘brought to life’ the fashion world and has taken it by storm – featuring on the red carpet at the Brits!

The SS19 campaign celebrates diverse style and individuality, all with the confident message of #MyStyleMyRules.

Her body muse for the campaign Misty is also an actress, musician and songwriter and provides the perfect muse for Shudu in a campaign about creating your own style rules.