#MyStyleMySound with RiTA

#MyStyleMySound with RiTA

ellesse: Could you talk us through your childhood, did you have any musical influences or can you remember anything significant happening?

RiTA: So, I grew up in Portugal and I only came to London when I was 18, so during my childhood my family wasn’t really musical, as in they didn’t peruse a career in music. However, my dad was definitely an influence for me just because he had incredible knowledge about everything and everyone. So, he kind of pushed me, and so did the rest of my family push me into piano classed and then later, vocal classes. Then I figured out that this is what I wanted to do. I also realised that I liked the electronic side of it, also still in Portugal, I would like to get into production and that sort of thing. So, I ended up moving to London for uni, just because I thought that, that would increase who I would meet, the opportunities that would come, just an opening to everything music wise, comparing to in my home town of Porto. So yeah, came to London, did my uni degree, which was incredibly helpful, opened up many doors and my knowledge has increased since then. I’ve recently released an EP, that started by being a uni project. The module was called ‘Recording Project’, released my EP through there and when I graduated I realised ‘okay, this I kind of what I want to do, sound wise’. So, after uni, I went to gigging and promoting that EP and that’s what I’ve been doing since then, and just having fun and finding out what else I want to do music wise and production wise.

ellesse: Is there a first CD, or first vinyl, you remember listening to? 

RiTA: Definitely ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ by ‘Pink Floyd’. Actually, I was talking to one of my friends the other day, and was like ‘yeah I can see the influence,’ even though at the same time, my music has nothing to do with ‘Pink Floyd’. But how creative they are from start to finish has definitely inspired me to do my music.

ellesse: So, you’re in our competition, could you talk about your uploading process and how you got involved?

RiTA: I really like the brand ellesse and one day at home, I was scrolling through the Instagram stories and the competition showed up as an ad in the stories which said ‘you could win this session and record two of your tracks which would be professionally filmed’. So, I was like ‘okay, this sounds good’ and all I’d have to do is add a hashtag and tag ellesse into one of my videos so I picked one of my videos and I didn’t really expect anything from it. Then a few weeks later, ellesse started following me and I got a message ‘hey, you’ve been short listed for the competition, would you mind sending us a bit more about you through your email?’ yeah, it just went from there and I ended up winning the competition which is crazy and just having an opportunity like this is amazing.

 ellesse: Could you talk us through the day, from when you walked through the doors, what was the vibe like and what different things have you done throughout the day?

RiTA: We started out by styling and choosing what outfits from ellesse I would go for and mix them up with some of my pieces which is obviously something new to me because I’ve only ever recorded sessions in my uni studio, so it was nice to have a whole timetable. So yeah, styling, and then the promo bit as well and the overall environment was just really friendly, everyone was chilled out, I never felt like ‘this is scary’. Obviously, it’s still scary, like overwhelming to have an opportunity like this, but yeah it went really well and I like it, loving it.


ellesse: Could you talk us through any inspiration you’ve had for your two tracks that you’ve done?

RiTA: My first track ‘High’, is part of my debut EP called ‘Agua’, Aqua is water in Portuguese and as I said, that was part of my uni project, to do the different forms of water, like solids, liquids, gas forms of water into tracks. I wanted the tracks production wise and lyrics wise to sound like the different forms. So ‘High’ is the gas form of water and in Portugal I used to live like 5 minutes away from the sea so the see has always been a main part of my life. Music wise, as in who’s inspired me ‘Flume’, ‘Banks’, ‘Chet Faker’ before he was ‘Nick Murphy’, that sort of vibe, ‘Frank Ocean’. And Parachute, I wrote 3 years ago with one of my friends, and only later I realised that it sounds quite watery, that sort of thing, so I guess that, that ended up being my sound and what I go for. So, just a mix of my experiences in Portugal and then coming here and listening to all the different inspirations and just merging in to something that’s me.