#MyStyleMySound with EMBRZ

#MyStyleMySound with EMBRZ

ellesse: Can you talk us through your childhood? Where you grew up and any musical influences you might have had as a child., any key first memories?

Jack: I’m from Ireland, a place just outside Dublin. Musically I would just listen to rock, metal, which is kind of odd, because I make electronic music. My parents were pretty musical, so I learned the guitar because my dad used to play it. The I went from metal to indie bands, like ‘Arctic Monkeys’, ‘Oasis’, and then I heard a ‘Deadmau5’ at this house party and that’s when it all changed. I downloaded like a crack version of ‘Reason’ and made really crappy demos and beats.

ellesse: Do you want to speak about your career, from when you started creating to music to now and how that has progressed? 

Jack: I only started off just for fun, I would make some beats and then put some up on Sound Cloud and just send them to my friends. I got lucky with this Ellie Goulding remix, I did that, and it was official and then kind of blew up, which was kind of crazy. Because I was only doing it for the crack, and then I was like ‘maybe I’ll give this a shot’ so I did a few other remix’s and then I quit my job and was completely skint, living with my mam for ages, which was awkward but eventually it came around and I managed to make a bit of money out of it, so it’s a full-time job now. It’s less fun then it was in the early days, but I wouldn’t change it because it’s what I want to do.

ellesse: Do you have any highlights of you career so far? Such as the Ellie Goulding remix?

Jack: I suppose some shows I’ve played. I’ve played at Electric Picnic and Body and Soul in Ireland. I used to go to them when I was a teenager and I worked for free at them just so I could get a cheap ticket, so it was pretty cool playing at those and all my friends where there as well. I suppose the early days with the Ellie Goulding and there was a ‘The 1975’ remix I did as well, it was just nuts, id press ‘refresh’ and there was an extra 500 plays with in a few minutes or so, it was a bit surreal. But the shows, that’s the magic really.

 ellesse: Do you want to talk through today, like about what sort of things we’ve done?

Jack: Well I got styled today which was a first, but I got some cool clothes and obviously I did 2 live videos, first one, ‘She won’t let me down’ which is the new single, which is out tomorrow, so it’s already out – let’s just say that – with Leo Stannard. Then we played a song of mine called ‘Doubt House’, yeah it was good fun, I enjoyed it, thanks for looking after us.

 ellesse: The singers which you’ve had in today – how did you meet them, and why did you choose for them to be on the tracks?

Jack: So Leo Stannard, we met in January, did a session together, wrote this song on the piano, and then I evolved from there, took about 9 months but we’re really happy with it. And then, the other singer, Frieder – she’s not actually the originally singer on the track – but I have worked with her before, she’s got an amazing voice and we get on really well so we got her in for this and I think she smashed it. It’s nice to get with people that you work with as well, so they’re both cool.

 ellesse: Would you say that you have any musical influences, anyone you particularly look up to or aspire?

Jack: Deadmau5 is always the guy for me and I suppose someone like Porta Robinson as well, is a huge influence. John Hopkins, is a producer I like, I cry when I make a beat and then listen to his because his production is so good – but I aspire to get the that standard. They’re the main guys for me, I’ll listen to them and then I’ll want to write a song – I think that’s what it’s about.